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This is the sister community to u2slash. Like them, we are dedicated to works of fiction featuring our four favorite Irish bastards. Unlike them, however, we are NOT dedicated to works of fiction featuring said bastards gettin' it on. That's all well and good, oftentimes a lot more than well and good, but GeneralFic needs a home too.

Which is this.

So, join, read, post, whatever strikes your fancy. This is also a place to get a hold of a Beta Reader, should you feel the need for one.

And to answer a question that a lot of you will probably be asking, yes, a website is in the works.

WARNING: You can post Mary Sues here. This is a free exchange of information, and I can't stop you. However, be aware that many of us do not like them and will not hesitate to leap on you if you stick 'em up here.

Also, if you suck, we will tell you so, along with hints on how to suck less. But you have tools at your disposal: a spellchecker, and also a grammar checker, if you have one of the later versions of MSWord or MSWorks. There is no excuse for not using them, and if you don't, be prepared to be cackled at.

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