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Everything You Know Is Wrong - Prologue
Bedazzle Me
wo_speaking wrote in u2fic
Title: Everything You Know Is Wrong
Author: wo_speaking
Rating: PG for now, but only for now
Disclaimer: None of these fine Irishmen are mine, and this is complete and utter fiction.
A/N: My very first U2 fanfic. A bit AU with no Ali in the scene but trying to stay true to fact where possible. Set during ZooTV/AB era during the breakup of Edge's marriage. This is a non-slash fic but it's not going to be a Mary-Sue, it will be full of angst and darkness I'm hoping...

Sometimes, Bono was insufferable.

“Why not?” he pleaded as he blew smoke out of the side of his upturned mouth, just over my shoulder into the wall behind me.

“Because I’ve been running on 2 hours of sleep every day for a week. I need to relax tonight, Bono. I can’t do this every night..."

He stepped back and stared so deeply into me I could feel it in the back of my head.

“All right. All right”.

And on his heel, walked away.

It was like this now. More often than not. I could feel him slipping away, dripping out of my fingers like candle wax. Gone.

All I had known was Bono. For this many years it was Bono. I loved him unequivocally. I rarely dwelled on his faults and celebrated his victories. I loved him like no other, but I felt him slipping nonetheless.

We met at Mount Temple. I didn’t fancy him. At first.

“Ciara, why don’t you just say yes?”

This unrelenting boy who chased me for 6 straight months. The strange boy who called himself Bono Vox of O'Connell Street. The beautiful boy who could have most any girl in the form but wanted exactly none of them all the same.

“OK Bono. I’ll go. I’ll go and see your band.”

The Dandelion Market. Where I’d spend my weekends that summer and into autumn watching him and three friends on a tiny stage with aspirations of becoming something.


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